The 411: What began as a posting blogs web cougar hookup site for partners, LoveByte has now come to be a leading app for romantic associates to enhance their particular interaction and, in turn, enhance their own commitment.

Established in 2011, may be the creation of Steve Sng, just who often practiced his personal frustrations while in an union.

From misunderstandings to missed phone calls, Sng understood he could not end up being the just one going through this. He knew their commitment additionally the relationships of other people could take advantage of a site that renders connecting much easier.

Thus, LoveByte was born.

“Understanding that every commitment has its own pros and cons, Steve wanted to improve communication and foster understanding among them,” mentioned Amelia Chen, Chief Happiness Office of LoveByte. “naturally, it aided to cut back cold weather battles and strengthened their own connection.”

Along with over 800,000 users, you can notice that LoveByte really works.

a love journal for the relationship

While various other programs lump your own SO and your pals all into one space, LoveByte skillfully creates a romantic location just for you along with your partner and that means you two can pay attention to constructing a true bond.

“It is like a love log that files the love quest in the form of pictures, notes and dates,” Chen said. “Precious times tend to be suspended with time where couples can revisit to relive those thoughts once again.”

Not only can couples show photos, records and important times, but LoveByte in addition provides them with additional cool characteristics, including the capability to:

“LoveByte helps partners concentrate on the important matters within their interactions to make the best of their own instances together,” Chen mentioned.

Using technology to improve relationships

As a tiny Singapore-based business with a team of four (two builders, a fashion designer and a marketer), just what LoveByte has recently achieved is truly remarkable, but that does not mean they can be slowing any time soon.

The latest feature they truly are a lot of pleased with is Secret information, that enables partners to scrub the display like a scratchcard to show notes, some ideas and photos in a personal and fun way.

Per Chen, the team is continually implementing additional features such as this so that you can help the consumer experience, with the hope getting that LoveByte turns out to be the go-to software for lovers every-where.

“LoveByte is targeted on stimulating hectic people to make time for the circumstances and folks that really issue in daily life,” she said. “With smartphones’ ubiquity in our lives now, we’re eager to dispel the idea that ‘technology wrecks connections’ and that can even build more powerful and enduring relationships.”

LoveByte is available free of charge on iOS and Android os. To find out more, go to