The CSEA (Civil Service Employees Association) represents over 300,000 workers in New York State. This year, the CSEA negotiated a new agreement with the state government that will have significant impacts on its members.

The CSEA agreement for 2021 includes a 2% salary increase for all members. This means that workers in state agencies, schools, and other public sector jobs will see a bump in their paychecks. However, this increase does not take effect until April 2022, so members will need to wait to see the benefits.

In addition to the salary increase, the CSEA agreement includes a new provision for workers in agencies that are facing downsizing or reorganization. These workers will now have the option to transfer to another agency or location without losing their job or their seniority. This is an important protection for workers who may be affected by changes in their workplace.

Another key aspect of the CSEA agreement is a new benefit for members who are caring for a sick or disabled family member. These members will now be eligible for up to 240 hours of paid family leave per year. This benefit will help workers balance their job responsibilities with their caregiving responsibilities.

Overall, the CSEA agreement for 2021 is a positive development for its members. The salary increase, job protection, and new family leave benefit will all help improve the lives of workers in New York State. As always, the CSEA will continue to advocate for its members and work to ensure that they receive fair treatment in the workplace.